Frequently Asked Questions – Participation

When Are Lessons/Therapy?

Lessons/therapy at Sprout is held once a week.  You will commit to a day/time block for an entire session.  Typically you will have the same instructor and horse for the duration of the session.

Where Are Lessons/Therapy?

Sprout has an array of options for lessons/therapy including an indoor arena, outdoor arena, trail, classroom, therapy room and barn.  The location of your student’s lessons will be determined by their needs and goals.

Who Performs Lessons/Therapy?

All programs at Sprout are performed by professionals certified in the program area.  Because Therapeutic Riding is our biggest program area, most Sprout staff are certified through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH, Intl).  Sprout also uses PATH Intl certified Therapeutic Driving Instructors and Equine Specialists (for Equine Assisted Learning).  Equine Movement Therapy is performed by therapist certified in the specific therapy modality and additionally certified by the American Hippotherapy Association.  Inclusion Programming at Sprout is performed by staff that are certified through traditional riding instruction programs (ie, American Riding Instructors Association or Certified Horsemanship Association).

How Does Weather Affect Riding?

Because Sprout has an indoor facility, lessons/therapy continue through most weather issues.  Sprout follows the Loudoun County Public Schools lead on cancellations due to weather and will notify all students in a timely manner if lessons/therapy are cancelled.

If Lessons Are Cancelled, Do You Make Them Up?

Due to the scheduling involved in our activities, Sprout does not make-up cancelled lessons.  Should Sprout need to cancel lessons due to weather or instructor absence, Sprout will issue a credit for the lesson cost to the student’s account.

How Do I Enroll?

Step 1: Submit an inquiry through the form on our website or to

Step 2: Visit Sprout and receive an evaluation

Step 3: Complete registration paperwork, including physician signature and waiver

Step 4: Schedule your riding/driving with Sprout

How Do I Choose Between Programs?

The main deciding factor between programs at Sprout is based on the outcomes/goals you are looking to accomplish.  Equine Movement Therapy is a functional therapy program that focuses only on physical needs.  Therapeutic Riding and Carriage Driving are skill-based programs that teach equestrian skills with necessary adaptations and support.  Equestrian skills are a great canvas for life/physical/cognitive/emotional skills and support development in these areas, but the programs do not inherently provide directed therapy (as OT, PT, ST, etc would).  Equine Assisted Learning uses groundwork with horses and utilizes a farm environment to learn and practice educational/vocational/social skills.

What If I Cannot Commit To A Full Session?

Sprout utilizes horses, staff and volunteers that rely on consistent schedules.  If you are unable to commit to a full session, we ask that you wait until a more suitable time to enroll.

How Much Does Lessons/Therapy Cost?

Equine Movement Therapy costs $85/visit

Therapeutic Riding/Carriage Driving costs $55/visit

Equine Assisted Learning/Community Groups are priced based on time/staff/volunteer and horse needs.

How Long Are Lessons?

Semi-Private Lessons (2-4 participants) – 1 hour

Private Lessons (1 participant) – 30 minutes

Do You Take Insurance?

No, unfortunately Sprout is not able to take insurance for any service.  Should you wish to explore insurance re-imbursement, Sprout will happily provide you with a receipt for payment.

Do You Offer Financial Assistance?

Yes, every program at Sprout is subsidized through generous donations from the community.  In addition to the subsidy that ALL riders receive, Sprout has a scholarship program for those that have extraordinary financial need.  All scholarship application must be received 1) on time, 2) completed in entirety, 3) returned with tax information to qualify for scholarship funding.  The Sprout scholarship committee makes funding decisions prior to each session, taking cash flow and restricted funds into account during decision-making.

Where Do I Get Riding Attire?

Participants must wear pants, close-toed shoes and helmets when participating in equestrian activities at Sprout.  Should you wish to purchase riding attire, Sprout recommends visiting Dover Saddlery in Chantilly or at

Typical items to purchase are (suggestions are in children’s sizes):

What Type of Horses Do You Have?

Sprout partners with horses with a variety of different breeds, sizes, shapes and movement patterns.  Horses are chosen for each student individually based on their physical, sensory and cognitive needs while taking their riding and independence goals into consideration.  All horses at Sprout are tested, trained, meticulously cared for and reviewed by each instructor prior to each ride.

Will My Student Have Support?

Sprout will arrange for a myriad of supports to help your student succeed!

  • Volunteers – Depending on need, students will have up to 3 volunteers supporting their lessons. These volunteers side-walk to ensure your student receives adequate physical support and horse-lead to ensure that the horse remains supported during the lesson.
  • Tack/Equipment – Sprout will provide/modify/purchase tack that meets the needs of your rider (within reason). Tack modifications support sensory, grip, balance, appendage, sight needs and we are always adding to our array of options!
  • Instructional Support – Sprout staff will tailor their instruction to meet the learning needs of the participant. Sprout staff track progress based on instructional strategies to draw correlations between the way skills are taught and your student’s outcome!

How Do You Measure Progress?

Sprout staff measure progress each lesson and track student competency within an internal cloud-based system.  Should you wish a report, just ask and we will happily provide you with one!