Honor Through Service

The roots of Sprout go back to 1944, when Richard Bacas contracted polio while vacationing with family at the Eastern Shore in Maryland. While polio left him paralyzed, Mr. Bacas was a leader and entrepreneur, and upon his death in 2005, his family chose to honor his memory by creating a facility that would serve those with special needs. Spirit Farm LLC purchased the farm on which Sprout resides in 2009. At the time, the land was contracted to local farmers to grow soybeans and other crops. The facility was designed by Brooke Waldron and constructed by Quality Buildings and Supplies (a Purcellville, VA based company) in 2010. During this time the organization was founded by Mrs. Waldron (formerly Bacas), who remains the Executive Director. Sprout filed its Articles of Incorporation in June 2010 worked through 2010 to achieve 501(c)3 status. In 2011, Sprout acquired horses and became a PATH Member Center, beginning services in the fall of 2011.