Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center is dedicated to changing lives through equine assisted activities and therapies.  Sprout provides hope, healing, empowerment and recovery through partnerships with horses.


Sprout exists to serve your neighbors, family and friends. We work for people who need support to walk, talk, learn and connect with others. We believe that all people should have access to a robust life filled with love, opportunities and dignity. We choose to use our passion, our energy and our talents to better the lives of others.


At Sprout, we have an equal passion for our horses and our people.


At Sprout, our horses are the embodiment of hope, the fulfillment of dreams and the opportunity for freedom in an otherwise confined world of disability.  At Sprout, our horses are the great mediators between where people are and where they want to go.  They have a unique gift to transform despair into joy, confinement into ability and isolation into community. Our horses bond with people in ways that change their lives forever.

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