Visit Sprout for a series of clinics this summer/fall!   Clinics will serve as a introduction to therapeutic and para-sport carriage driving for military/veterans and those with spinal cord injuries.  Clinics are free of charge to participants.individuals may learn about and try adaptive and para-sport carriage driving through a partnership with the United States Driving for the Disabled (funding is provided by the VA Adaptive Sport Grant through Carlisle Academy in Maine, Disabled Sports USA and the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation).

Clinic dates:
Intro to Driving for Spinal Cord Injuries: July 13 & 14
Intro to Driving for Veterans: August 17 & 18
Intro to Driving for Veterans: October 26 & 27

Clinics will cover:
Horse communication and safety, accessibility, driving equipment, driving basics, sport pathways and a private lesson in the carriage!


Essential Information

The therapeutic driving program at Sprout follows the program calendar.  Sprout offers four sessions of therapeutic riding per year (fall, winter, spring and summer). Sessions range from 5-14 weeks in length and students ride on a weekly basis in a predetermined time block. Therapeutic driving lessons have a 1-to-1  student-teacher ratio and cost $55 each.  Sprout charges a cancellation fee for all absences and offers credits due to Sprout-determined weather-based closures.

Professional Instruction
  • Certified through PATH Intl. Level II 
  • First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
  • Competitive Drivers Able to Support Students at Various Levels
  • Demonstrate Continued Learning and Professional Development
Innovative Adaptation
  • Client-Centered Instruction
  • Creative Carriage and Rein Modifications
  • Accessible Facility and Carriages
  • Focus on Possibility Rather Than Limitations
Educated Equines
  • Carefully Selected Based On Temperament, Movement and Size
  • Competition Backgrounds
  • Impeccable Ground Manners and Ring Presence
Support for Success
  • Horse Support 
  • Physical Support
  • Cognitive Support
  • Friendship-Building
  • Community

Before participating, individuals need to consult with their physician. PATH Intl. riding centers require each prospective driver to present a complete medical history and a signed physician’s statement prior to a therapeutic riding session.

Who Can Drive?

Alternative and/or Complimentary Equine Programming

Carriage Driving is a fast growing sport. Therapeutic Driving at Sprout gives participants an alternative to riding - opening up the world of horses to those who may be unable to ride due to weight, balance, fatigue, allergies, asthma, fear of heights, the inability to sit astride, or other issues. It can also provide the student with a unique movement experience.

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