We Change Our Community By Changing The Lives Within It!

Sprout supports the Northern Virginia community by providing equine activities and therapies to various groups including:

Community Inclusive Instruction – Sprout provides Community Inclusive Instruction (CII) to young adults as a Loudoun County Public Schools Business Partner.  CII’s mission “to provide a full and efficient continuum of transition services empowering all students to make meaningful contributions to the world,” comes to life at Sprout, as students volunteer in the barn and assist with horse care.

Field Trips – Sprout hosts field trips for special education, life science and other classes in elementary, middle and high school.  During these visits, Sprout staff work to merge classroom learning with agriculture, horsemanship and barn life.  An example of this might be seen with a class learning measurement skills.  The curriculum based life-skills (in this case, measurement), are put to use through exploratory and experiential learning by making horse treats at Sprout.

Adaptive Groups – Sprout serves adaptive groups with various needs throughout Loudoun County.  Over the years, Sprout has hosted groups such as McLean Bible Church Access Ministry, Soaring Over Seven Camp, Capital Caring Hospice, Special Love, Loudoun County Parks and Rec, Loudoun Juvenile Court Service Unit, Camp Asthmatopia and Camp Highroad.  Sprout takes pride in providing safe, effective and fun experiences for groups with special needs.  Our combination of knowledgeable staff, trustworthy horses and supportive volunteers make Sprout visits a favorite amongst many groups!

Off-Farm Appearances – Sprout hits the road and brings learning experiences to groups/schools/events all over Northern Virginia.  The staff at Sprout tailor presentations/experiences to the needs of each group.  Our miniature horse, Lucky, happily engages crowds and teaches animal-husbandry, leadership, boundaries, communication, and team-work!

Sprout Paperwork For TeachersPaperwork for Students (Field Trips, Adaptive Groups, CII)