Creating Connections Through Partnerships With Horses


Providing Thoughtful Adapted Instruction and Therapy


Harnessing The Power of Hope


Believing In Possibilities


Bridging and Building Life Skills


Hours of Volunteer Service Per Year


Hours of Client Service Per Year


Individuals Served Each Week


Sprout programs promote physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth. Equine activities and therapies provide adapted and individualized opportunities for recreation, socialization and skill building.

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Volunteers provide critical support to our clients. From event support to barn work to interacting with our students, volunteers are the lifeblood of Sprout!

Walk On With Us!


Support our horses, programs and riders by contributing to our cause. As a non-profit organization, our students only pay a portion of their riding costs, as without financial support, many would be unable to participate in this form of therapy. Help us help others! 

Change Lives In Your Community!

"Sprout is a place where victories, both large and small, are celebrated...
because victory is amazingly significant to someone who struggles daily."

Sprout's Services

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding provides adapted riding-skill instruction that supports life goals.

Therapeutic Driving

Carriage driving provides an alternative to riding and opens the world of horses to those who might not be able to participate in traditional riding activities.

Equine Movement Therapy

Equine Movement Therapy utilizes clinical therapists to support functional physical improvement.

Community Services

From vocational support to team building to personal empowerment, Sprout provides equine experimental learning to individuals and community groups.

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If you’ve been a part of Sprout, THANK YOU! If you are new to Sprout, please come visit and see our work in action!