Hope, healing, empowerment.

Equine assisted activities and therapies are uniquely designed for individuals with physical, cognitive, social or emotional needs.
Sprout provides a safe, rewarding and comprehensive approach to meet the multi-dimensional needs of its participants.

Areas of Programming

Therapeutic Riding

Therapeutic riding provides adapted riding-skill instruction that supports life goals.

Therapeutic Driving

Carriage driving provides an alternative to riding and opens the world of horses to those who might not be able to participate in traditional riding activities.

Equine Movement Therapy

Equine Movement Therapy utilizes clinical therapists to support functional physical improvement.

Community Services

From vocational support to team building to personal empowerment, Sprout provides equine experimental learning to individuals and community groups.

Programs at Sprout Support

Physical Development

Balance, Coordination, Flexibility, Strength, Endurance, Gait Patterns, Gross Motor and Fine Motor Skills

Cognitive Development

Safety and Spatial Awareness, Patterns and Sequencing, Problem Solving,  Active Listening, Divided Attention, Short and Long-Term Memory

Social Development

Communication Skills (verbal and non-verbal), Leadership, Independence, Respect, Friendship

Emotional Development

Self Awareness, Self Confidence, Self Control, Flexibility, Determination, Flexibility, Boundaries