I am a Sprout Horse

By March 20, 2020Featured, Media
I am a SPROUT horse.
I was born for greatness.
I grew up in Europe, California, Ohio and on the historic Farnley Farm in Virginia.
I was taught to hunt, to drive, to jump, to dance.
Carefully…and correctly.
With patience and persistence – an eye on every detail.
I carried my humans to abounding victories, earning them prizes and acclaim.
I tucked my knees and kept the pace.
I ran through hazards keeping four wheels straight.
I hunted with the master.
A show circuit staple, they all knew my name.
And time marched on.
Until one day.
My body began to feel the miles…
My kid grew up…
My owner got sick…
I was sent to an auction…
I moved on.
And I became a SPROUT horse…
because I AM great.
I will see your soul and know what to do.
You are everything you need to be,
And I will be your partner.
Together we are unstoppable.
I will teach you to believe in your abilities.
To tap into your inner strength and harness your own power.
I will show you how to ride and to live …when to stay in control and how to let go.
I will give you a thrill, calm your nerves, push your buttons and make you laugh.
I will remind you to stay aware, connected and engaged.
Because like a herd…we’re better together.
Some think my job is easy.
That I walk in circles.
They don’t know.
I step under the unbalanced rider to keep them on my back.
I trot in rhythm…up, down, up, down.
I catch the tears of an anxious teen and keep their secrets.
I teach kids that can’t run to canter!
I make your dreams come true.
I now know why.
I learned to hunt…to find the good in everyone.
I learned to jump…to bring you through life’s hurdles.
I learned to drive…to remind you to persevere through the journey.
And I learned to dance…to help you find joy in the day.
I am a Sprout horse.
By Brooke Waldron (March, 2020)


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