Sprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center offers the use of equine movement as a therapy treatment strategy that focuses on use of the multidirectional movement of the horse as a catalyst to improve muscle tone, range of motion, timing, behavior, attention, arousal, coordination, balance, postural control, communication, and cognitive/linguistic functions. Carefully modulated, well cadenced equine movement offers the therapist a highly effective means of addressing impairments through facilitation of the physiological systems that cannot be achieved by a machine or duplicated in a clinic. Equine movement therapy is also known as hippotherapy and is a physical, occupational or speech therapy protocol that is a component of an integrated treatment plan of care prescribed by a licensed therapist to achieve desired therapy goals and improved functional outcomes.

testSprout Therapeutic Riding and Education Center offers equine movement therapy under the direction of Susan Schmieg, PT, DPT. Dr. Schmieg has been involved with equine related therapies since 1977 at a number of facilities in Virginia and California. Sue received her BSPT from the Medical College of Virginia and her DPT from Virginia Commonwealth University. She is currently licensed in Virginia and has treated patients from neonates through geriatrics in all hospital settings as well as in-home and outpatient settings and was the director of a sub acute neuro rehabilitation unit while in California. Sue recently completed the required training under the American Hippotherapy Association and Professional Association for Therapeutic Horsemanship, International for therapists using equine movement as a treatment protocol.