Meet the Horses


Full Name: Cowboy

Breed: Welsh Pony

Height: 12.1

Born: 1996

Gender: Gelding

Color: Grey

Cowboy came to Sprout in the Fall of 2013 after many successful years in the show ring. This little guy is the smallest of our herd, and brings many years of experience with children to our team.

Cowboy works primarily as our Equine Movement Therapy pony. Through this he serves as a physical therapist for some of our youngest riders.
Cowboy is sweet and calm. He enjoys being groomed and is always ready for a quiet scratch under his chin. Cowboy is patient and sure footed in the ring, as he carefully carries his little friends during their lessons.


Full Name: Pick Up Man

Breed: American Paint Horse

Height: 15.2

Age: 20

Pacman spent his younger days in the show ring and his middle age doing competitive trail riding.  Pacman was loaned to Sprout in the Fall of 2013 to help out temporarily but he seems to have found his next calling in life and just may take up permanent residence.
He is a very gentle guy who is often described as safe, safe, safe for any rider at any skill level.
He loves his job at Sprout but most of all he loves peppermints so if you happen to have one in your pocket you’ll have a friend for life. 


Full Name: Chester Cheeto

Breed: Haflinger

Height: 13.2 hands

Age: 13

Phin is a 13 year old Haflinger gelding. Known as “the tank” at Sprout, he is small (at 13.2 hands) and stocky. Phin was the first horse at Sprout and is one of our most reliable and trustworthy mounts! Phin is a very friendly and curious pony, and loves to be around people. When he is in the ring, its “go time” and he loves to work! Phin excels at ground-work lessons, and is a great team-player when completing obstacle courses and doing games. Phin has learned how to carry a side saddle, pull a cart (in progress), and paint pictures!


Full Name: Peter Loon

Breed: Dartmoor/TB Cross

Height: 14.2 hands

Age: 10

Peter (Peter Loon) is a 10 year old Dartmoor/TB cross pony, that stands 14.2 hands high. Before coming to Sprout, Peter was a hunt pony, and excelled in field trials. Peter qualified for the 13+ Junior Field Hunter Championships last year!

Peter’s hunt career ended when he had an accident with a deer during an outing. After that time, Peter was wary of the hunt field. Peter came to Sprout in the fall of 2012 and quickly worked into the program. As a former hunt pony, Peter is quiet and brave. Peter loves children and is patient and forgiving. Peter loves to be groomed and kissed on his muzzle!


Full Name: Duke’s Ransom

Breed: Clydesdale/Thoroughbred Cross

Height: 16.1 hands

Age: 18

Duke, is a “been there done that” horse. In his 18 years, this Clydesdale/Thoroughbred cross has done everything from driving, trail riding, fox hunting, JPR, eventing, local schooling shows and Pony Club!

Duke brings many years of experience, confidence and tolerance to Sprout. Duke is trustworthy with our riders and loves to work! As the biggest horse in the herd (standing at 16.2 hands), Duke is used for our adult clients and will be utilized in our new Equine Services for Heroes program (a program that serves the needs of military and veterans). Duke quickly assimilated into the Sprout lifestyle. He is trained to take wheelchair mounts, works on dressage in the indoor, trail rides and is great with games! We are thankful for the generous donation of Duke from the Howard family, he is treasured by the Sprout Family!


Full Name: Super Duper Teddy

Breed: Hanoverian

Height: 16.1 hands

Age: 21

David is a wonderful Hanoverian gelding who grew up in the hunter show ring, jumping courses, and carrying many riders to the ribbons! He is retired from his show career and enjoys his current job of helping others. David absolutely loves to be groomed and bathed, and adores people! Although he is big, he is calm and trustworthy.


Full Name: Gibralter

Breed: Connemara/Arabian Cross

Height: 15.2 hands

Age: 14

Buggie is a 14 year old Connemara/Arabian Cross. Buggie was donated to Sprout from another therapeutic riding center when they closed their doors, and we are so happy to have this amazing horse. Buggie stands 15.2 and serves as the mount for most of our teens and young adult riders. His calm nature radiates to everyone in his presence, both in and out of the saddle. Buggie loves attention and is frequently painted during our camps and community events. Buggie is a talented horse that is a budding dressage star as well!